Hi, I’m Alex Guyton (/guy-ton/), a New York City based Technologist with an insatiable need to design & develop digital products. My specialty is creating intuitive, easy to use websites & apps. My work has a heavy leaning toward clean, minimal design & typography with a focus on content & concise communication.


Most days I work in MacOS or Ubuntu by day & have fun with my dogs by night. Feel free to drop me a line ⇗ or say hi on twitterThanks for visiting & I wish you the best in all your endeavors.




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My favorite things that get me up in the morning.





I love to learn. In particular, about history & technology, which keeps my mind in the past & the future. This might explain why I lose things so often – I’m not usually thinking about the present.



Big ideas


Ideas get me going, they inspire & excite me. In fact, other than coffee, they are what gets me up in the morning. From economics to outer space to code, I love it all.


Good Design


As a design junkie, I often find myself spending ungodly amounts of hours on design awards sites (my favorite today are SiteInspire & CSSdesignawards).

Chrome Themes

I make chrome themes in my spare time.

Terminal Blackout



Material Black 1.0


material black chrome theme by alex guyton