Hi, I’m Alex Guyton (/guy-ton/), a New York City based Technologist with an insatiable need to design & develop digital products. My specialty is creating intuitive, easy to use websites & apps. My work has a heavy leaning toward clean, minimal design & typography with a focus on content & concise communication.


Most days I work in MacOS or Ubuntu by day & have fun with my dogs ⇗ by night. Feel Free to drop me a line ⇗  or say hi on twitter ⇗Thanks for visiting & I wish you the best in all your endeavors.







I love to learn. In particular, about history & technology, which keeps my mind in the past & the future. This might explain why I lose things so often – I’m not usually thinking about the present.

Big ideas


Ideas get me going, they inspire & excite me. In fact, other than coffee, they are what gets me up in the morning. From economics to outer space to code, I love it all.

Inspiring Design


As a design junkie, I often find myself spending ungodly amounts of hours on design awards sites (my favorite today are SiteInspire & CSSdesignawards).

The Life & Times of A. Guyton

my mom and I in 1988

1984 - Born in New Brunswick, NJ

Made in Jersey
franklin & marshall soccer photo

Became obsessed with Soccer & Basketball

Spent every waking hour playing (not in school)
alex playing for ssc liverpool fc

Won New Jersey State Cup

With SSC Liverpool F.C.
chi phi photo college grad

Graduated from Franklin & Marshall

A gem hidden in the heart of Lancaster County
coding gif by alex guyton

Began coding & prototyping sites from scratch.

I've been obsessed with code, design & analytics ever since

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